Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am...

Taking a short break from blogging.
Let's just say in place of my blogging is...
More hours at work.
More quality time with the Mr.
(we've Picked up a nice new hobby... P90X)
more time spent cleaning
& more time crafting.

Don't miss me too much i'll be around - just not as often & not everyday.

<3 Love.Erica
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Auntie Erica Story

I'm going to be an aunt... again!

In April 2008 my little brother Andrew & his at the time girlfriend Jerrica, now wife gave birth to their son Cayden Andrew.

{Isn't he just adorable}

My little sister Samantha sent me a text message this past weekend telling me that she wanted some "sisterly.bonding.time". She never wants to hang out with me... because I live so.far.away. {a whole hour} I knew something was up, but took it as it came.

When she got here we just hung out, ordered dinner, normal stuff... throughout small talk my little sister told me that she was moving into her own place... soon. That grandpa bought her new tires, and other small repairs on her car. She told me that she, all by herself replaced a small window in the back of her car... she quit smoking. The list of small things goes on and on. Before she told me I said... Samantha are you pregnant. She just looked at me... and then said... how did you know? And Rick chimmed in - Samantha she's not dumb, she knows everything. {haha - I do know everything} Even if my grandpa, grandma, aunts, uncles, mom, brother Andrew, my step mom, and my sister Page, brother Kyle... EVERYONE knew that Samantha was expecting a whole month before she told me. Samantha & her boyfriend Brandon are 7 weeks along. Good luck & congratulations you two.
{My little sister Samantha & her boyfriend Brandon}

Sorry for the novel!

♥ Love. Auntie Erica