Monday, March 14, 2011


this past Friday evening on our date night...
to dinner.


necklace: rick's late grandma's.
shoes: red stone-washed TOMS.
hair: tops-e-tail (my signature)

{my casual dinner date entire.}

& after dinner we ran home to change into something more cozy because lets face it... who are we trying to impress in a dark theatre? &aside from that we wanted to be comfortable. {sorry we were in a hurry no pics of my sweat pants} {smile}

{funny story}
later Friday evening ricky wasn't feel well so he "camped out" {at our house that means he volunteerly slept on the couch} It was for my own clean.air.good - so i'm not upset, plus i got to sleep in the middle of the bed. can't beat that. Saturday morning i asked him how his playstation was he quickly lied &said he didn't play. then was dying to tell me that his team made it to the superbowl {the detroit lions} {ha} & told me the truth, sort of. he said he played until 2am. & now it is saturday morning 9am & he only has one more game to left to play &then he is going to be done with his season and will give the playstation to his twin brother scott {sorry.Leigh}. I asked rick why he didn't finish his last game the last night. he said he was too tired. i looked at him and said... 2am isn't that late. he laughed and said to me, "oh it was really 3:30am &i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer." {Oh.My.} i laughed... i knew he was up half the night when "he didn't feel good"&i'm not upset because that dang playstation is at least for another month.

Happy Monday!

♥ love.erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

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