Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sorry that i

...have been missing. i caught a awful cold that has thrown me for a loop.

it all began sunday evening.
i worked monday & it made for the worst monday of all time.

i attempted to work tuesday but only made it through the morning with a runny nose, sneezy, watery eye... tension headache, blah. i wouldn't want me working on me if i had braces.

today - i was supposted to work in detroit. as i usually do once a month as a volunteer at covant care clinic where we scan the detroit community in poverty to be canidadites for our orthodontic clinic, basically we make less fortunute detrioters a beautiful smile for way less than the approximate $5,000 beautiful braces smile. it is a lovely thing and i feel so blessed every month i head down to change a detrioters smile, or even their life with a cheerful conversation.

did i mention that it is also my last week of my online class? well, it is! & i have a 100 point paper to write {no pressure}.

i may be missing the rest of the week with you all... but hang in there cause i have pics from the weekend to share, as well as my joann's steal & my american picker style pick.
a sneak peak into how i'm "kicking" my cold.
& no it isn't my hubby's soccer socks that are helping their just cozy.
happy march a day late!

♥love. erica

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