Monday, March 7, 2011


from last weekend.
{a little late}

Last Saturday we {the gang below} went to the theatre and saw "Hall Pass" i'm almost a little ashamed to say i've seen that movie... some parts were funny - most were taken a little overboard ifyouaskme.

Here's the gang.{left to right} my brother in-law Kevin & his girlfriend September
sister in-law & brother in-lawLeighAnn & Scott, ME & Rick...
in the in-laws basement after the movie.
Sunday after Kevin, September, Rick & I went to a church in this neck of the woods we met my adoptive parents in Detroit, Mi at Pizza Populous for some family time.
Afterwards me, Rick, Kevin & September went to Somerset Mall.

Love Birds Kev & Sep

me & Ricky ♥

me & Sep with our goods.
new bras, free undies &
forever21 deals. me: headbands, earrings for my swap & shorts i have been eyeballing
september: workout pants for her zumba class. :)

Max was awfully cuddly last weekend. :)

♥ Love.Erica

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xoxo-Kristen said...

Hope you had a great Monday! Let me know when you get your jewelry. Sent it out Friday! (: