Sunday, March 13, 2011

i want.

my neighbors dog to!

i was happy when my neighbor moved because when spring comes my hubby & i are going to open our windows wide open without her lovely smokey scent blowing into our condo.

when the new girl moved in next door i was excited because she is young-er BUT then she had to go and get a puppy & being that she works nights her puppy is locked in her condo all.evening.long BARKING. i thought we could be friends until last sunday morning when her puppy barked from 6:30am until close to 7:30am AN HOUR. i woke up pissed. stomped.down.the.stairs - - & banged on her door.

i politely told her that it was early and my little brother was over & that we didn't appreciate him now being wide awake at 7am or the fact that her dog just barked for the last hour while she slept through the annoyance. HOW.DOES.THAT.HAPPEN? i told her that i understand she just moved in & i didn't want to get off on the wrong foot... & i don't want to have to report her to the condo association.

it's sad cause i really don't think that she likes me now. & i really did want to be friends BUT i cannot take it any longer. this past week THAT dog...ugh & tonight... 3 hours on & off constant barking.

i' & we're tattling. does that make me a mean neighbor?
if we were friends i'd take the dog outside myself to keep it from barking. but.

when rick took the trash out this evening he said to me... "erica when you see that dog you won't hate it as much"... i guess it was sitting in the window looking out at him. (probably saying, "please let me out, please") poor puppy.

i think that is why not everyone should have a dog.
cats are so much better.easier.quieter. need i say more?
plus.dogs don't cuddle up like this while you blog. now do they?
♥ love.erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!


Kristen said...

i understand your frustration!!! but i do have to say that dogs doo cuddle up with you....well my dog cuddles up =)
check out here...


Kristen said...

thanks for checking out my blog. i actually have only been doing it for a few months. i found your blog through leigh, which i found her through her friend katie. i work with katie and so i followed the blog they had together, and now just leighs. katie keeps telling me about how she's going to start her own wedding blog etc. but she has yet to have the time to get things started. anyway, yes i live technically just outside of ann arbor, but i just stick to saying ann arbor, people then get the general area. =)