Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Vintage Pearl Giveaway!

Have you heard of The Vintage Pearl?

Well check out her BLOG & SHOP!

In honor of her birthday she is holding a
BIG giveaway
where 5 lucky followers
will win $100 gift cards

♥ Love.Erica

Alot has happened...

over the past 15 days while I have been missing.
{sorry for keeping you all hanging around}

Here's a little peek into my life over the last 15 days...
  • I found out that i'm going to be an auntie again... & that I am the last to find out {i'll discuss that story this week too}
  • I drove 5 hours - by myself for a mini vacation to Pittsburgh with my sister Stephanie {i'll post more pics soon I also took some video

    {Stephanie - my sister}
    {Pittsburgh skyline}
  • I cut & colored my hair
  • My car had over $300 of repairs
  • Rick surprised me with a new pair of TOMS! & bought another pair for himself!
  • I spring cleaned & bought a new rug for our kitchen.
  • & the last of the news... Rick & I are on day 4 of P90X & it's kicking our butts!
& don't worry i'll be back soon. I have the rest of the week off of work for "spring break"... next week is going to be nuts at work that is.. because the kiddos have spring break.

I'm extending my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY... so tell your friends. :)

♥ Love.Erica


Saturday, March 19, 2011


That's right... i'm holding my first ever giveaway!

You my dearest followers can win this lovely
Vera Bradley "Clip Zip ID" Night & Day

To Enter
You must be a follower of me. {really, i'm not that bad}
& leave me a comment. {any old comment will do}

For an extra entry
Blog about my giveaway
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I will announce the winner next weekend - so as always - stay posted!

♥ Love.Erica

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Italy {update}

I cannot believe that I {we} haven't shared with ya'll that

You read right... ITALY!
&we are going to spend time with these lovelies.

They are stationed in Italy until the end of this summer. How cool, right?

&of course we'll get some girl time!

 It is going to be a trip of a lifetime.
Once in a lifetime trip.

THREE MONTHS & SEVEN DAYS until our Italy vacation.

♥ Love. Erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I couldn't believe he let me put it on him...
then again - he was trying to burrow into it himself.

Maxey's sporting Leigh's {VeryLoveLeigh use the coupon code "LASTCHANCE"
for free shipping before she hibernates her shop for spring/summer}

♥ Love.Erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i want.

I told Rick last week that i'm ready...
...for a dog that is.

I saw this cutie on this magazine at work last week & I was in love. & yes that is Martha Stewart.
How could you not want that adorable fluffy Chow Chow.
{I can't help but say... Awwwww.}

Until we get a puppy...
I will have to enjoy my chubby Maxey.
He hates having his picture taken. :)

♥ Love.Erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011


this past Friday evening on our date night...
to dinner.


necklace: rick's late grandma's.
shoes: red stone-washed TOMS.
hair: tops-e-tail (my signature)

{my casual dinner date entire.}

& after dinner we ran home to change into something more cozy because lets face it... who are we trying to impress in a dark theatre? &aside from that we wanted to be comfortable. {sorry we were in a hurry no pics of my sweat pants} {smile}

{funny story}
later Friday evening ricky wasn't feel well so he "camped out" {at our house that means he volunteerly slept on the couch} It was for my own clean.air.good - so i'm not upset, plus i got to sleep in the middle of the bed. can't beat that. Saturday morning i asked him how his playstation was he quickly lied &said he didn't play. then was dying to tell me that his team made it to the superbowl {the detroit lions} {ha} & told me the truth, sort of. he said he played until 2am. & now it is saturday morning 9am & he only has one more game to left to play &then he is going to be done with his season and will give the playstation to his twin brother scott {sorry.Leigh}. I asked rick why he didn't finish his last game the last night. he said he was too tired. i looked at him and said... 2am isn't that late. he laughed and said to me, "oh it was really 3:30am &i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer." {Oh.My.} i laughed... i knew he was up half the night when "he didn't feel good"&i'm not upset because that dang playstation is at least for another month.

Happy Monday!

♥ love.erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i want.

my neighbors dog to!

i was happy when my neighbor moved because when spring comes my hubby & i are going to open our windows wide open without her lovely smokey scent blowing into our condo.

when the new girl moved in next door i was excited because she is young-er BUT then she had to go and get a puppy & being that she works nights her puppy is locked in her condo all.evening.long BARKING. i thought we could be friends until last sunday morning when her puppy barked from 6:30am until close to 7:30am AN HOUR. i woke up pissed. stomped.down.the.stairs - - & banged on her door.

i politely told her that it was early and my little brother was over & that we didn't appreciate him now being wide awake at 7am or the fact that her dog just barked for the last hour while she slept through the annoyance. HOW.DOES.THAT.HAPPEN? i told her that i understand she just moved in & i didn't want to get off on the wrong foot... & i don't want to have to report her to the condo association.

it's sad cause i really don't think that she likes me now. & i really did want to be friends BUT i cannot take it any longer. this past week THAT dog...ugh & tonight... 3 hours on & off constant barking.

i' & we're tattling. does that make me a mean neighbor?
if we were friends i'd take the dog outside myself to keep it from barking. but.

when rick took the trash out this evening he said to me... "erica when you see that dog you won't hate it as much"... i guess it was sitting in the window looking out at him. (probably saying, "please let me out, please") poor puppy.

i think that is why not everyone should have a dog.
cats are so much better.easier.quieter. need i say more?
plus.dogs don't cuddle up like this while you blog. now do they?
♥ love.erica

p.s. stay posted for my first EVER giveaway. :) coming soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Date Night

Tonight i'm linking up with {av} (as I have for the past few Friday's) for...

Today I spent the day off in sweat pants.
& Rick (my hubby) did the same because he had a snow day.
You heard me right... here in the Mitten it snowed AGAIN!
{& for the record... I am SO over it}

Tonight we're going on a date.
Just me & my hubby.
& this is what I want to wear...

Friday Date Night
I would love to wear those lovely gold sandles from Forever21 {only $18} but like I said... it SNOWED.
Instead i'm wearing my red stone-washed TOMS.
I adore the stripe tee BUT I would never spend that amount of $ on a shirt.
I love the color of the scarf but again.. pricey {here}
Trouser jeans from - Gap
Belt {here}
Earrings, Bracelets & Sunglass - Forever21
Red Lip Stick - ULTA
Essie spring collection 2011 - Coat Azure {here}

I'll share tomorrow what I did wear. :)
Enjoy your Friday evening!
I know we will.

♥ Love.Erica

i love.

our new rug in our dinning room.

Rug: Target
Rick said to me the other day that he is very happy with our new rug & that he thinks it adds character to our dinning room. I would have to agree. I also thinks it makes the walls look a little more yellow.

Here is the dinning room before the lovely Target rug.

I think that it is time for the snow flakes to come down - because YES - they are still hanging in that walk way. On a side note I think the mirror on the wall needs a little something-something to go along side. what do you think?

I also LOVE  having a clean kitchen.
I think that I would love our kitchen more with white cabinets, but either way I love seeing it clean.

♥ Love.Erica

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Kristen over at Kristen's Palace held a swap...
I was so excited to be a part of it.

Kristen was actually my swap partner. ♥
& here are the goods that she sent to me.

{please excuse my hot pink scrubs... I had just gotten home from work - when my hubby said, "Look what came for you today." He knew I was waiting for my package to come in the mail} I yelped in joy that it was here!!!

& I plan to wear some of these lovely swaps this weekend for my "nieces" first birthday party & Sunday to church. {I'll share pics next week of these accessorize all put together}!!!

Would any of you lovely ladies care to do an accessory swap if I held one from my blog?

♥ Love.Erica

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On my day off

today, I...

Slept in.
Watched a strange movie that was on cable.
Finished cleaning the condo (come on over - I don't mind.. the house is clean!)
Did laundry & put it away well I plan to.
Bought new Essie nail polish from the Spring 2011 collection
Picked up 99 cent Coney's for dinnercause my hubby "had a bad day"
Watched HGTV
Painted my nails
Watched hubby nap for 1  2  2 & 1/2 hours... he deserves a nap.
Cuddled on the couch with hubby & Maxey.

Essie Spring 2011 Collection... So far i've indulged in "Nice is Nice" & today "Coat Azure"

Essie - Coat Azure.
Doesn't it scream spring & make you think of the beach & ocean?

Speaking of bad day... I miss this song.

How did you spend your "hump" day? Only one more day of work this week for me - thank the Lord.

♥ Love. Erica

i want.

this art work
 maybe just to recreate this artwork on my own.

isn't it great?

♥ Love.Erica

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today sure was Monday.
& trust me I needed no one to remind me.

At work today we got out for lunch 45 minutes late. {ugh}
During my lunch I ran to JoAnn's & at the check out the woman let me use FOUR coupons, that made me not hate Monday as badly. I saved a little over $6!

Speaking of JoAnn's I have been meaning to share my JOANN STEAL from a few weeks ago. Originally $99, on clearance for $24 & because of the broken drawer I got it for 75% off plus an additional 15% {hubby's teacher discount}less than $7.
Isn't she a beauty.

I'm going to buy a small basket to go in place of the broken drawer. :)

& for what.i.wore... the Saturday before last.

scarf: forever21.
white tee: target.
necklace: my grandmother's.
belt: forever21.
grey sweater: tj maxx
leggings: target
knee socks: target
{not pictured black knee high boots: Hype}

Ugh, and in the end this Monday really wasn't THAT bad. I got home & my kitchen & livingroom were still spotless & my loving- amazing hubby had dinner in the oven - can't complain about that.

♥ Love.Erica


from last weekend.
{a little late}

Last Saturday we {the gang below} went to the theatre and saw "Hall Pass" i'm almost a little ashamed to say i've seen that movie... some parts were funny - most were taken a little overboard ifyouaskme.

Here's the gang.{left to right} my brother in-law Kevin & his girlfriend September
sister in-law & brother in-lawLeighAnn & Scott, ME & Rick...
in the in-laws basement after the movie.
Sunday after Kevin, September, Rick & I went to a church in this neck of the woods we met my adoptive parents in Detroit, Mi at Pizza Populous for some family time.
Afterwards me, Rick, Kevin & September went to Somerset Mall.

Love Birds Kev & Sep

me & Ricky ♥

me & Sep with our goods.
new bras, free undies &
forever21 deals. me: headbands, earrings for my swap & shorts i have been eyeballing
september: workout pants for her zumba class. :)

Max was awfully cuddly last weekend. :)

♥ Love.Erica

Sunday, March 6, 2011

i did it!

i finally finished my dreded, awful online humanites course! i am going to {power} clean my condo... it has been slightly neglected these last couple of days weeks.

i will be back tonight with lots of pictures from this weekend & last that i've been dying to share.

until then i'll leave you with one of the four amazing songs we sung in church today.
today the music was so moving & the band totally rocked. {wink} i ♥ it alot.

stay tuned this evening!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

friday's fancies

I'm linking up with {av} this rainy Friday afternoon.
Thanks {av}!

rainy day

Happy Friday!
This is what I would wear this rainy, dreary & cold afternoon... IF I weren't spending my Friday writing my FINAL hundred point paper for my last week of class!

 I am hoping the hubby and I are able to sneak out for a little dinner date this evening, we'll see.
 Tomorrow my husband & I are going to pick up my little five year old brother Ryan for a sleepover at our place. We told him last week that he could come over to our place in five days and he was SO excited. With that said... I HAVE to finish my final because Ryan is a handful & i'm sure of it that I will get nothing finished with him here.

♥ Love. Erica

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sorry that i

...have been missing. i caught a awful cold that has thrown me for a loop.

it all began sunday evening.
i worked monday & it made for the worst monday of all time.

i attempted to work tuesday but only made it through the morning with a runny nose, sneezy, watery eye... tension headache, blah. i wouldn't want me working on me if i had braces.

today - i was supposted to work in detroit. as i usually do once a month as a volunteer at covant care clinic where we scan the detroit community in poverty to be canidadites for our orthodontic clinic, basically we make less fortunute detrioters a beautiful smile for way less than the approximate $5,000 beautiful braces smile. it is a lovely thing and i feel so blessed every month i head down to change a detrioters smile, or even their life with a cheerful conversation.

did i mention that it is also my last week of my online class? well, it is! & i have a 100 point paper to write {no pressure}.

i may be missing the rest of the week with you all... but hang in there cause i have pics from the weekend to share, as well as my joann's steal & my american picker style pick.
a sneak peak into how i'm "kicking" my cold.
& no it isn't my hubby's soccer socks that are helping their just cozy.
happy march a day late!

♥love. erica