Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-Day Special

This Valentines Day the Mr. & I did not make big plans or any plans for that matter. We ordered our TOMS (which still haven't shown up on our doorstep) & well that's about it.

Monday morning I woke up (late) as usual for a typical Monday. Said good morning to Rick and wished him a good day at school (work - I always say school because he's a teacher) He said happy Valentines Day sweetie and I had totally forgot, hugged him, kissed him and off he went to school work.

I got out of the shower and walked into our bedroom and there on top of my scrubs was a Toy Story 3 Valentine. Next to my phone was another. And so of course,even though I was running behind I HAD to look for more. And there was. I gathered as many as I could find in plain eyes view and threw them into my Stephanie Dawn bag as I ran out the door to work.

It was the cutest thing. He wrote me little messages in all of them - the special little things. And I smiled all morning.

Finally it was lunch time - I wanted to surprise Rick with lunch not knowing if he had a meeting or what he may have grabbed from home. The only thing that sounded somewhat good and was on the way from my work to his way Subway. So, Subway it was. :) I signed in at the office and walked up the stairs to Mr. Meyer's classroom. This wasn't my first time having lunch with him at school so I knew I was in for being bombarded by middle schoolers. Of course the wooo & awww & are you Mrs. Meyer? Are you his wife? As the kids came out of his classroom to get their lunch's out of their lockers I snuck in, I made it to the other side of the room before he realized it was me. :)

Here is our only pic together from Valentines Day.
& I didn't wear pink because of Valentines Day... it is really my "Monday" work uniform color. However, I did steal Rick's red long-sleeved Gap shirt to match my red heart earrings. :)

& here Mr. Meyer is showing me his new smart board. Fancy.

I loved our simple Valentines Day. It was perfect.
For dinner Rick made leftover spaghetti & garlic bread, we cuddled and watched The Bachelor & ate Butter Pecan ice cream out of the carton in our bed.

What did you and your sweetie do for your Valentine's Day?

♥ Erica

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