Sunday, February 6, 2011

this evening

{SuperBowl Sunday} I opted out of many get togethers.
& I do feel bad for not being there{with you all}. Honestly.

But I do really need to finish homework.
And frankly I am going to take advantage of this circumstance & just enjoy my quiet evening - all to myself.

My agenda:
First finish homework.
Work out with my Turbo DVD
Take a long relaxing shower
Paint my nails
Watch a chick flick - cuddle with Maxey & inhale a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

My favorite part of my evening agenda is none of what I listed involves cleaning the condo! And NONE involves Super Bowl football or Sports Center for that matter! {Don't get my wrong Ricky - I love you & that you love sports as much as you do.}

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to me!
♥ Erica

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