Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This evening the Mr. & I took a trip to Target to get out of our house after being cooped up all day with piles & piles of snow outside.

At Target I bought two cute shirts.
A plain short sleve purple tee for a whopping $4.98
& a peach stripe tee for $14.99

{I love them both & when I wear them i'll of course post pics.}

As Rick and I were leaving Target I asked him, "so you didn't find any good deals?"
and he replied, "nothing that I could justify." and I asked him, "what does that mean? like no good dress shirt deals?" (with a giggle) he says, "yea, something like that. I guess I just couldn't justify another tv."
I laughed.

Don't worry, he got a treat for being so good - I bought him a berry McDonald's smootie on our way to his parents. I can't say i'm not jealous - because I am. But Rick has another snow day tomorrow & I have to work. ALL-DAY even a meeting at lunch. UGH.

♥ Happy Snow Day! Erica

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