Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunshine Saturday

Today the Mr. & I escaped our condo for a bit to enjoy the sunshine & basically used the sunny day as an excuse for him to not grade papers & me to not do laundry.
We drove down to my favorite little spot - Kercheval Street in Grosse Pointe.

{La Jolie Rose/ Hannah Bear Boutique} I've window shopped here before because their hours are screwy - today they were open, The Mr. indulged in another pair of TOMS & I drolled over a $30 candle & $198 scarf, needless to say I did not purchase anything.

We HAD to stop at Panera Bread and get our usual...

...Seira turkey on 3-cheese bread & a side of signature mac & cheese.

The lovely Gosse Pointe Street & clock arch.

We also stopped in the local Boarders {which is closing} & it was PACKED, the line was wrapped around and down the book aisles. Mr. asked me what I was doing when he saw my camera out & I simply said blogging later tonight. {wink} He said and I qoute, "OH GOD".

When we got in the car to head back home Mr. said to me... want to take the long way home, aka look at all of the georgous homes - I shook my head yes, this is Lake St. Clair, a lovely view from Jefferson Ave.

This evening we Skyped with Rick's cousin Brian & his wife Amanda in Georgia & video met little miss Maddie (his newest addition) & she is so adorable. I cannot wait to someday have my own little buddle of joy. No rush.

We also watched the movie - "Waiting on Superman" which is a great documentary on America's public schools. I think it's a good watch it for yourself movie to form your own opinion.
Currently the 2011 Slam Dunk contest is on the tv & the Mr. is chatting on the phone somewhere with with 1. his mother. 2. his twin brother Scott or 3. his little brother Kevin. My guess is his mom because she has already been over today for a quick tutorial on a computer program that converts VHS to DVD & phoned twice since... hehe. tecchnology.
Enjoy your Saturday evening.
We're spending ours right here with a! & some chips and salsa.

♥ Love. Erica

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