Monday, February 7, 2011

"Amuse Me"...

...I said to Rick as I took his picture on my Droid drinking his favorite Panera Bread Wild Berry (low fat) smoothie.

Since his "big" doctor appt. when they put him out cold he has been addicted to these $4.99 plus tax drinks. (they Are worth it!)

Back to the day he became addicted.
I was driving him home from his appointment when we stopped at a local Panera Bread drive thru. We ordered our usual. Driving home as Rick fell in and out of consciousness, when he did wake he said the most bizzar things. When I asked him if he liked his smoothie - he told me that the big straw made it taste EVEN better. At that time it was so funny because he loopy and half awake and gosh the whole day was entertainment. the straw story just made it.

Tonight we took a trip to Kerchival Street & had yummy Panera bread Siera Turkey sandwiches, mine on three cheese bread and his on the regular & don't forget the signature mac & cheese. (& ff course Rick's smoothie) This is our usual. Yum!

Happy Monday! (Mine was!)
Time for The Bachelor & then Pretty Little Liars.

♥ Erica
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