Saturday, February 12, 2011

i want. i love. i have.

i want. finish my homework - but I keep getting distracted.
...a nap.
...TOMS for Valentines Day {wink, wink}
...a Lindor white chocolate truffle. :)

i love.

My Stephanie Dawn tote.

Yesterday while running errands for work I was in our local JoAnns buying supplies for our marketing project. Standing in a line of 10 plus people the woman behind me asks, "Is your bag Vera Bradley?" I proudly turn to her and say, "No, mam... it's Stephanie Dawn, Made in U.S.A (smile) when Vera sent her bags to China to be made Stephanie Dawn began making her own bags in the U.S.A. Oh and I informed her that their better made and even MORE affordable than Vera. She asked me again the name of my bag & said she loved the print and I think we have a new Stephanie Dawn fan!

I bought mine online at & free shipping & 20% off to boot. Bring my total to less than $30! Such a STEAL.
i have.

The sweetest, cutest, bestest husband in the whole world. :)

& yes Mr. Street I did dress him. ;)

Hopefully Rick and I will be spending time this evening with Scott, LeighAnn, Kevin & September... nothing like a good 'ol evening of dinner, board games, Wii & wine.

♥ love.erica

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