Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"i suggest

not living without these three things" is brought to you first from leigh

Three things that I just couldn't live without...
1. My husband.  If I didn't have him I would starve... or eat cereal. All kidding aside, he really is amazing. {today he had a snow day & he cleaned the whole condo}

2. "Fun" earrings. on the days that I work I wear scrubs & not the fun ones you see your dental hygienist wearing... Monday's we wear hot pink, Tuesday's aleo green, Thursday's teal blue & if we happen to work four days in a week then the 4th working day navy blue. boring. & that is why I enjoy wearing "fun" earrings with my boring uniform.

3. My Sperry rain boots. I live in Michigan & if you haven't seen the news lately... Saturday {as you can see in my previous post} was just lovely. 50 {ish} degrees outside & then Sunday out of no where, boom... a shit ton of snow. {excuse my french} My Sperry Top-Sider rain boots make my mornings, especially when I am running late to work and have to truck over large piles of snow, or better yet, un-plowed snowy parking lots!
Hop on over to veryloveleigh & tell her what you suggest & be entered to win her giveaway

♥ Love. Erica


xoxo-Kristen said...

Yahhhh it works!!! Hi friend!!! I'm so glad your my swap partner your sooo pretty! (:

KateLainey said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Erica! Nice to meet other mitten bloggers. :) Cute blog!