Friday, February 25, 2011

friday's fancies

      If it were spring... this is what I would've worn on my day off.
{rather than the lounge wear that I sported today}

 Tonight i'm eye boggling over these goodies from LOFT's Spring collection
{good 'ol Ann Taylor LOFT}

Tonight the hubby & I are staying in watching Date Line & 20/20
Saturday afternoon we're going to hit the movies & see "Hall Pass" the Mr. has been dying to see it since we've seen the preview on TV a billion times. & we may be spending time with the sibs Kevin his gf September, Scott & Leigh. <3

♥ Love. Erica


Steve Finnell said...

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{av} said...

helllllllo Loft! Love this look, pretty lady, especially that striped top! I think it looks happy to have you linking up with Friday's Fancies! I used to use Picasa to pull my outfits together, but I know a lot of folks like to use Polyvore too! Hope you'll link up again soon! xoxo {av}

Hannah said...

Ann Taylor Loft never dissappoints!! I am totally infatuated with the jeans, I want a pair similar! They are so perfect for spring. Sending warm springtime wishes your way xx

Marian said...

Oh I love that top. Love the whole look, but I may have added another item on my shopping list with that top:)