Sunday, February 27, 2011


... last Sunday to church.
Sweater: Target. Necklace: late Millie Meyer's crocheted by Mr.


earrings: orginally from Target given to me from September

I also wore my favorite JOLT jeans from Von Maur & these Target flats.
Yesterday & this Sunday I did take a few pics... which I plan to share this week... until then enjoy your last evening of the weekend. I'm going to spend mine taking a quiz & writing a paper for my Art of Film online {humanities} course. As well as a much need laundry folding/ putting away party.

♥Love. Erica


jeny said...

Don't feel alone! I just spent my Sunday night finishing homework for my computer animation course! I love the pop red in that sweater. Thanks for the blog follow:)

Erica said...

Thanks for the sweet comment Jeny. Homework does stink. My blog is my escape from homework & hubby. {wink} Thanks for following. <3 erica