Sunday, February 27, 2011


... last Sunday to church.
Sweater: Target. Necklace: late Millie Meyer's crocheted by Mr.


earrings: orginally from Target given to me from September

I also wore my favorite JOLT jeans from Von Maur & these Target flats.
Yesterday & this Sunday I did take a few pics... which I plan to share this week... until then enjoy your last evening of the weekend. I'm going to spend mine taking a quiz & writing a paper for my Art of Film online {humanities} course. As well as a much need laundry folding/ putting away party.

♥Love. Erica

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shoe Saturday

Lately I have been even more shoe obsessed than ever.

Which gave me this idea to dedicate Saturday's to SHOES.
{Feel free to join in and link up in the comments.}

Today i'm going to share with you...
"shoes that i'm eye boggling over".

1. TOMS  - Black Glitter TOMS $54

2. LOFT -  black Bette Embellished Sandal $79.50

3. ShoeBuy - Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original -Sahara $74.95

4. Zappos - Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moc $45

Happy Saturday!

{Don't by shy... link in your blog in comments & share the shoes you've been obsessing over. I'd love to hear from ya!}

♥ Love.Erica

Friday, February 25, 2011

friday's fancies

      If it were spring... this is what I would've worn on my day off.
{rather than the lounge wear that I sported today}

 Tonight i'm eye boggling over these goodies from LOFT's Spring collection
{good 'ol Ann Taylor LOFT}

Tonight the hubby & I are staying in watching Date Line & 20/20
Saturday afternoon we're going to hit the movies & see "Hall Pass" the Mr. has been dying to see it since we've seen the preview on TV a billion times. & we may be spending time with the sibs Kevin his gf September, Scott & Leigh. <3

♥ Love. Erica

Friday Fill Ins

Here are my Friday Fill In's.
LINK up with us over at Lauren's blog.

1.   I am currently obsessed with TOMS.

2.  Today I am still in my pj’s because, I have the day off… & I’m totally taking advantage of it!

3.  The age I am is    25 {AH!}     and the age I feel is OLD.

4.  My favorite place is being home. Snuggled on the couch with a blanket and my hubby.

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is   LAUNDRY – this week. But for a while now I’ve been procrastinating on patching up a few painting spots in the kitchen.

6.  The last thing I purchased was   an amazing STEAL at JoAnn’s that I plan to share {soon}.

7.  The thing I love most about my home is  who I share it with. & also the colors my husband and I choose together for each room, it’s cozy & fits us.

{Thanks Lauren!}  Happy Friday Ya'll.♥ Love.Erica

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i love...

... our TOMS that came in the mail last week!
Don't I look excited. {hehe}

Their redER than I expected... but so cozy.

& my husband ended up getting TWO {these navy & ash} pairs...
because he is so obsessed with the ONE for ONE.
{it really is a great cause}

There are two pair of TOMS that I have my eyes on. & another pair of TOMS that my husband would like - Easter is coming so I suppose that would make for another excuse to purchase another pair. {wink-wink}

♥ Love. Erica

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"i suggest

not living without these three things" is brought to you first from leigh

Three things that I just couldn't live without...
1. My husband.  If I didn't have him I would starve... or eat cereal. All kidding aside, he really is amazing. {today he had a snow day & he cleaned the whole condo}

2. "Fun" earrings. on the days that I work I wear scrubs & not the fun ones you see your dental hygienist wearing... Monday's we wear hot pink, Tuesday's aleo green, Thursday's teal blue & if we happen to work four days in a week then the 4th working day navy blue. boring. & that is why I enjoy wearing "fun" earrings with my boring uniform.

3. My Sperry rain boots. I live in Michigan & if you haven't seen the news lately... Saturday {as you can see in my previous post} was just lovely. 50 {ish} degrees outside & then Sunday out of no where, boom... a shit ton of snow. {excuse my french} My Sperry Top-Sider rain boots make my mornings, especially when I am running late to work and have to truck over large piles of snow, or better yet, un-plowed snowy parking lots!
Hop on over to veryloveleigh & tell her what you suggest & be entered to win her giveaway

♥ Love. Erica

Sunday, February 20, 2011


MAXEY, I don't know how that is actually comfortable!!!

Sunday pictures coming tomorrow evening... Maybe lunch time if i'm lucky.
<3 Erica
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunshine Saturday

Today the Mr. & I escaped our condo for a bit to enjoy the sunshine & basically used the sunny day as an excuse for him to not grade papers & me to not do laundry.
We drove down to my favorite little spot - Kercheval Street in Grosse Pointe.

{La Jolie Rose/ Hannah Bear Boutique} I've window shopped here before because their hours are screwy - today they were open, The Mr. indulged in another pair of TOMS & I drolled over a $30 candle & $198 scarf, needless to say I did not purchase anything.

We HAD to stop at Panera Bread and get our usual...

...Seira turkey on 3-cheese bread & a side of signature mac & cheese.

The lovely Gosse Pointe Street & clock arch.

We also stopped in the local Boarders {which is closing} & it was PACKED, the line was wrapped around and down the book aisles. Mr. asked me what I was doing when he saw my camera out & I simply said blogging later tonight. {wink} He said and I qoute, "OH GOD".

When we got in the car to head back home Mr. said to me... want to take the long way home, aka look at all of the georgous homes - I shook my head yes, this is Lake St. Clair, a lovely view from Jefferson Ave.

This evening we Skyped with Rick's cousin Brian & his wife Amanda in Georgia & video met little miss Maddie (his newest addition) & she is so adorable. I cannot wait to someday have my own little buddle of joy. No rush.

We also watched the movie - "Waiting on Superman" which is a great documentary on America's public schools. I think it's a good watch it for yourself movie to form your own opinion.
Currently the 2011 Slam Dunk contest is on the tv & the Mr. is chatting on the phone somewhere with with 1. his mother. 2. his twin brother Scott or 3. his little brother Kevin. My guess is his mom because she has already been over today for a quick tutorial on a computer program that converts VHS to DVD & phoned twice since... hehe. tecchnology.
Enjoy your Saturday evening.
We're spending ours right here with a! & some chips and salsa.

♥ Love. Erica

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fancies

This evening i'm linking up with {av} for her Red Carpet Edition of Friday's Fancies.


Jimmy Choo
these earrings... i lost the source.

I really enjoyed putting together my Red Carpet bling. Mine is simple and somewhat budget friendly for a teacher & ortho tech/student salary. :)
This Friday evening the Mr. & I are spending the evening "in" in our pj's, watching our Family Video rental Unstoppable. Such a great movie, if you're into action, and suspense this is a good one. Oh, and you cannot forget the cookies and cream ice cream for the Mr. & birthday cake ice cream for me.

Happy Friday!
♥ Erica

Friday Fill Ins

Friday Fills Ins are linked with Lauren & LeighAnn

I am… A wife. A friend. A Christian. A granddaughter. A daughter. A sister. An aunt. I am ME.

The bravest thing I've ever done was… decided to go back to school.

I feel prettiest when… I am pampered.

Something that keeps me awake at night is… my husband stealing all of the covers and/or kicking them onto the floor. {we really need a headboard & footboard}

My favorite meal in the entire world is… cheese enchiladas OR Panera Bread’s Mac & Cheese.

The way to my heart is… a simple gesture. Like starting my car on a cold morning or a handwritten love letter or home cooked meal before I get home from work. {I love the simple things in life.}

I would like to… Finish school. Take a trip to Hawaii. Buy a house. Have children. {not in any special order}


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V-Day Special

This Valentines Day the Mr. & I did not make big plans or any plans for that matter. We ordered our TOMS (which still haven't shown up on our doorstep) & well that's about it.

Monday morning I woke up (late) as usual for a typical Monday. Said good morning to Rick and wished him a good day at school (work - I always say school because he's a teacher) He said happy Valentines Day sweetie and I had totally forgot, hugged him, kissed him and off he went to school work.

I got out of the shower and walked into our bedroom and there on top of my scrubs was a Toy Story 3 Valentine. Next to my phone was another. And so of course,even though I was running behind I HAD to look for more. And there was. I gathered as many as I could find in plain eyes view and threw them into my Stephanie Dawn bag as I ran out the door to work.

It was the cutest thing. He wrote me little messages in all of them - the special little things. And I smiled all morning.

Finally it was lunch time - I wanted to surprise Rick with lunch not knowing if he had a meeting or what he may have grabbed from home. The only thing that sounded somewhat good and was on the way from my work to his way Subway. So, Subway it was. :) I signed in at the office and walked up the stairs to Mr. Meyer's classroom. This wasn't my first time having lunch with him at school so I knew I was in for being bombarded by middle schoolers. Of course the wooo & awww & are you Mrs. Meyer? Are you his wife? As the kids came out of his classroom to get their lunch's out of their lockers I snuck in, I made it to the other side of the room before he realized it was me. :)

Here is our only pic together from Valentines Day.
& I didn't wear pink because of Valentines Day... it is really my "Monday" work uniform color. However, I did steal Rick's red long-sleeved Gap shirt to match my red heart earrings. :)

& here Mr. Meyer is showing me his new smart board. Fancy.

I loved our simple Valentines Day. It was perfect.
For dinner Rick made leftover spaghetti & garlic bread, we cuddled and watched The Bachelor & ate Butter Pecan ice cream out of the carton in our bed.

What did you and your sweetie do for your Valentine's Day?

♥ Erica

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i love us

& this Hallmark holiday {Valentines Day} every time this Hallmark commercial played on the tv I smiled - so the second time I heard it I repeated it to Rick & he smiled at me so the week leading up to Valentines Day we heard it a handful of times and every-single time Rick would look over at me waiting for me to repeat the commercial to him. This commercial makes my Valentines Day. Hallmark you are genius.

Hope you enjoyed your Hallmark holiday.
I'll share ours with you all tomorrow. :) Stay tuned & feel free to share your comments.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine.

Happy Valentines Day to you & your sweetheart. ♥

 For this lovely Hallmark holiday & excuse to buy and get gifts I bought Ricky these TOMS. :) Hope he likes them - I did let him pick a color (blue, grey, black, brown) grey "Ash" it is!
 & Ricky bought me these lovely red stone-washed red TOMS. I really wanted yellow - but they didn't have any. (now they do & I may be sad) but red is FUN.
Enjoy your Monday & snuggle up with your lover this lovey dovey day.

♥ LOVE.erica

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love red.

Red nails always remind me of my childhood favorite series Romana Quimby books. :) Saturday evening I took a Targeting trip with September and had an impulse buy... Bright red polish. Because lately I have an obsession with RED & in honor of a lovely Hallmark holiday.

essie - fishnet stockings
($7.99 - Target)

I love it.
<3 Love. Erica
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

i want. i love. i have.

i want. finish my homework - but I keep getting distracted.
...a nap.
...TOMS for Valentines Day {wink, wink}
...a Lindor white chocolate truffle. :)

i love.

My Stephanie Dawn tote.

Yesterday while running errands for work I was in our local JoAnns buying supplies for our marketing project. Standing in a line of 10 plus people the woman behind me asks, "Is your bag Vera Bradley?" I proudly turn to her and say, "No, mam... it's Stephanie Dawn, Made in U.S.A (smile) when Vera sent her bags to China to be made Stephanie Dawn began making her own bags in the U.S.A. Oh and I informed her that their better made and even MORE affordable than Vera. She asked me again the name of my bag & said she loved the print and I think we have a new Stephanie Dawn fan!

I bought mine online at & free shipping & 20% off to boot. Bring my total to less than $30! Such a STEAL.
i have.

The sweetest, cutest, bestest husband in the whole world. :)

& yes Mr. Street I did dress him. ;)

Hopefully Rick and I will be spending time this evening with Scott, LeighAnn, Kevin & September... nothing like a good 'ol evening of dinner, board games, Wii & wine.

♥ love.erica

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

My Friday Fill Ins this week are from LeighAnn's blog & Kristin's blog.

From LeighAnn:

The TV show/website that I watch/read that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about is Pretty Little Liars. (my sister in-law LeighAnn & someday sister in Law September were chatting about it & I felt left out.) :) So, I too like LeighAnn HuLu(ed) it over Christmas time and watched the entire first season and I too am hooked. Last Monday I almost cheated to figure out who “A” is... but I didn’t.

An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far too much to throw away is my hubby’s high school soccer sweat shirt – it’s worn but cozy.

My grocery store impulse buy is a kid-like box of cereal or a Bingo lottery scratch off, or a Red Box rental.

Something I do at work to pass time that I wouldn't want my co-workers to know about is – this doesn’t happen because I have patients back-to-back & not even a second to take a potty break. (you asked)

One thing in my life that I could give up, but never will is my love for cereal.

A little indulgence that I have is my bed head shampoo/conditioner obsession.

The junk drawer/area in my house is by the back door. It holds spare keys, pens, post-its and other small items I find laying around.

From Kristin:

1. What is your occupation? I am an Orthodontic Tech, which means I do what you think the orthodontist would do, but I do it - because it is charted to be done, and they check my work afterwards. I am also going to school and someday will finish my Master's in Social Work.

2. What is your favorite resturant or food? Mine is Mexican & the hubby and I both love Qdoba & Xochimilco in Detroit, MI.

3. Where is your favorite place to vacation? Any vacation is good with me, honestly. But I have been wanting to go to Italy & I AM THIS SUMMER! Really. We bought our plane tickets earlier this week for June 2011. Yipppee.

Happy Friday evening!

♥ Love.Erica

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This evening

I (we) purchased our plane tickets to... ITALY!!!


I (we) cannot wait for JUNE24!


I (we) need a VACATION!

We: Me, Rick, my bestie Amanda, her boo Adam.

I (&Amanda too) cannot wait to see our bestie Kari & her hubby Josh who are stationed in Italy.


<3 Erica

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


...your neighbor as yourself. -matthew 22:39

My sister in law over at loves you this Valentines, so she is givingaway a LoveLeigh Red Cowl (fancy scarf) from her etsy.

Enter ASAP she is drawing a winner Thursday night!

♥love. Erica

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Amuse Me"...

...I said to Rick as I took his picture on my Droid drinking his favorite Panera Bread Wild Berry (low fat) smoothie.

Since his "big" doctor appt. when they put him out cold he has been addicted to these $4.99 plus tax drinks. (they Are worth it!)

Back to the day he became addicted.
I was driving him home from his appointment when we stopped at a local Panera Bread drive thru. We ordered our usual. Driving home as Rick fell in and out of consciousness, when he did wake he said the most bizzar things. When I asked him if he liked his smoothie - he told me that the big straw made it taste EVEN better. At that time it was so funny because he loopy and half awake and gosh the whole day was entertainment. the straw story just made it.

Tonight we took a trip to Kerchival Street & had yummy Panera bread Siera Turkey sandwiches, mine on three cheese bread and his on the regular & don't forget the signature mac & cheese. (& ff course Rick's smoothie) This is our usual. Yum!

Happy Monday! (Mine was!)
Time for The Bachelor & then Pretty Little Liars.

♥ Erica
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

this evening

{SuperBowl Sunday} I opted out of many get togethers.
& I do feel bad for not being there{with you all}. Honestly.

But I do really need to finish homework.
And frankly I am going to take advantage of this circumstance & just enjoy my quiet evening - all to myself.

My agenda:
First finish homework.
Work out with my Turbo DVD
Take a long relaxing shower
Paint my nails
Watch a chick flick - cuddle with Maxey & inhale a frozen strawberry daiquiri.

My favorite part of my evening agenda is none of what I listed involves cleaning the condo! And NONE involves Super Bowl football or Sports Center for that matter! {Don't get my wrong Ricky - I love you & that you love sports as much as you do.}

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to me!
♥ Erica

i want

to get to know my followers.

{I stole this idea/ questions from Kristen Place, thanks sweetie}

1. How did you spend your weekend?
2. How is the weather where your at?
3. How do you start your mornings?

1. Friday I had the day off work. I spent the day doing laundry, putting laundry away, "pickup" the codo, & doing homework until Rick got home from teaching. We went out to dinner in Detroit (my favorite city in the whole world) at (almost) my favorite restaurant in Detroit, except we tried the Mexican restaurant across the street instead, with my grandpa, his fiance' my little sister & my mom (who is in town from Georgia). After dinner we went to the local Mexican Village Bakery & my grandpa treated us to $29.75 of goodies. (Rick & I split a $1 Cinnamon stick.) Rick & I traveled home and his younger brother came over for some brotherly bonding - I fell asleep.

2. Friday it was plain COLD. Today (Saturday) it is snowing CATS & DOGS. Sunday is pending.

3. On work days I begin my mornings with snoozing my phone at least three times, and in between yelling at Rick to turn off his alarm as well. I shower (quickly) while showering scream goodbye to Rick as he leaves for school (teaching), put on my under garments, including socks and blow dry my hair (again quickly) put on makeup, throw on my scrubs (I work as an Ortho Tech) & walk RUN out the door, drive less than 5 minutes, run into work, clock in & all while doing so praying that I am not tardy. (most of the time I am by 1 minute).

AKA I am NOT a morning person!

On my days off (which I adore & often abuse) I sleep in 'til I feel like getting out of bed, usually around 10am. I stroll down the stairs in my PJ's I turn on the tv to Let's Make A Deal, during a commercial I pour a bowl of cereal. Snuggle up on the couch and watch the rest of LMAD, then Price Is Right with Drew Carey. Then I shower and usually clean, run errands & do homework. I cherish my days off. :)

Hope you enjoyed my detailed answers. Share with me your answers.
♥ Love. Erica

Saturday, February 5, 2011

i love

my new Target-ed steal!

As promised from my Targeting post here is my lovely purple tee.

[Purple tee $4.98 Target. Purple dotted scarf $12.99 Gap]

Posted on this lovely snowy Saturday afternoon - when I should've been typing my Art of Film essay due tomorrow, but easily distracted. :)

Happy Weekend & Snowy Saturday in the mitten (MI).

♥ Erica

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This evening the Mr. & I took a trip to Target to get out of our house after being cooped up all day with piles & piles of snow outside.

At Target I bought two cute shirts.
A plain short sleve purple tee for a whopping $4.98
& a peach stripe tee for $14.99

{I love them both & when I wear them i'll of course post pics.}

As Rick and I were leaving Target I asked him, "so you didn't find any good deals?"
and he replied, "nothing that I could justify." and I asked him, "what does that mean? like no good dress shirt deals?" (with a giggle) he says, "yea, something like that. I guess I just couldn't justify another tv."
I laughed.

Don't worry, he got a treat for being so good - I bought him a berry McDonald's smootie on our way to his parents. I can't say i'm not jealous - because I am. But Rick has another snow day tomorrow & I have to work. ALL-DAY even a meeting at lunch. UGH.

♥ Happy Snow Day! Erica

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i love


Tomorrow my husband has a snow day... yippee.
So do I.
& it is such a good great thing because...
especially laundry - 5 loads to be exact.

other plans on my snow day list are:
red box rental
snuggling on the couch with the Mr.

Do you have a snow day tomorrow?
What do you have planned?

Happy snuggling ♥