Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

I must confess I am a sucker for breakfast at dinnertime. Well, actually I could eat breakfast everyday for every meal, especially but not limited to cereal!

This evening my husband had a teaching meeting after a full day of well, teaching & this evening he has soccer conditioning with his JV girls. So needless to say I was in charge of cooking dinner. And if you've learned anything about me it is that I CANNOT COOK.
I over boil water.
Over cook mac & cheese.
It is pretty much hopeless.

But tonight I took a shot at it.
& I made...
Banana-nut pancakes.
They were delicious.
& I only burnt two of them. :)

I used a box of good ol' Hungry Jack Mix
added some cinnamon & vanilla for extra yummy-ness
crushed up some nuts and put it in the batter
poured the mix into the pan and added a few slices of banana
& wha-la, pure delicious banana-nut pancakes.

Even the Mr. love them.

♥ Bon Appetit. Erica

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