Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am officially in my MID-twenties.
And it's killing me.
The big 25.

This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday & 6 years of dating/ now married to my hubby.

A few of my favorite birthday gifts were:
::: A massage gift certificate from my husband. -which I plan to use before Christmas so I can get one for Christmas too. ;)
::: An apple corer which is my new favorite kitchen toy that I have used a ton of times already, from my mother-in-law.
::: A hanging jewelry organizer from my brother & sister-in-law.

::: People Style Watch from my sister & a sweater.
::: A brown w/black Coach bag from my hubs.
::: & Money which I plan to buy some brown leather boots, a Michigan VS Pink sweatshirt & two cardi's from Target --- the rest of my bday money I'm saving for a plane ticket to ITALY!

My little brother Ryan spent the night Saturday evening (the night before my birthday) & Sunday morning Rick and Ryan attempted to bake my breakfast muffins but failed because the oven shut off while baking & we had to leave for church. We went to church in Ann Arbor, after we celebrated my birthday (& Craig's) with a huge lunch at Olive Garden with Mary Kay, Craig (whose birthday it was as well), Ryan, Stephanie, Rick and I. Then Rick and I went to the mall where I spent a little birthday moolah and bought an adorable pair of earrings and necklace at one of my favorites stores; Von Maur.

It was a fabulous birthday, that ended with leftover Mexican for dinner and decorating our Christmas tree. :)

♥ Love.Erica

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The most wonderful time...

...of The year!!!!!

Today, the hubs & I are putting up the Christmas tree & decor. :)

<3 Love.Erica
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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yes, I know I have been missing.
I do apologize.
But I have been a studious student.
Taking care of my sick hubby.
Keep him in your prayers.
And aside from everything...

I'll be back soon.
Tomorrow is my day off work.
My hubs will be home too, sick.
We're going to bake a special treat.
I'll share it with you.
Stay posted.

Until then, nightie night.

♥ Love.Erica

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Are you ready for these cool fall days?
Or wintery flakes?
Well get ready for a cozy giveaway!!!

My sister-in-law is hosting a giveaway on her blog
{click "her blog" to link to her blog}
You can win one of her fab hand knit scarves from her esty
{click "her etsy" to link to her etsy}

All you have to do to enter 3x:
1. Comment on her blog your fav & why.
2. Blog about her "giveaway".
3. Become a follower.


{back to my endless homework I go.}

♥ Love.Erica

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I love fall...

Reason #1 beautiful fall leaves
Reason #2 the smell of fall bon fires
Reason #3 cozy sweaters
Readon #4 delicious pumpkin seeds

(which Rick & I are enjoying this evening!)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


...felt like Monday.
THIS morning...
...was a rough day at work. Very stressful & very busy.

THIS afternoon...
...was just as crazy.
#1 with it being election day.
#2 bc it is election day the majority of our neighborhood schools didn't have school.

THIS evening...


Monday, November 1, 2010

You are blessed.

My sister-in-law posted this on her FB today & I liked it so much I wanted to share it with all my followers especially with the special holiday of Christmas just around the corner, it is the perfect time of the year to show you care. You are blessed - share your blessings with others this holiday.

♥ LOVE.erica