Friday, October 22, 2010

So, I registered for a late fall class online. I registered. Paid for the class. And forgot all about it. Until - on Monday at work a gal I work with said her husband was starting his late fall class today, as in Monday... which made me stop and think, I wonder when my class begins. I got home went on the college's website, checked my e-mail.. and natta. Then, I checked my junk mail and there it was, a reminder that class was starting sent the week prior. Grrrrr. So, luckly my co-worker meantioned her husband starting his late fall class, otherwise I would've paid for a class and missed the start date by 10 days. I thought my class started the 28th, not the 18th!!!

So, what am I saying? Class has begun. I did two assignments Tuesday, on my day off, read two "chapters" of powerpoints & just-ordered-my-book-for-class. I pray it comes before Sunday when I have an essay due regarding the text I haven't read!

So, forgive me if I craft less, post pics less, blog less for these next 8 weeks. For the next 8 weeks i'm college bound to my online class Marriage&Family - another requirement working towards my degree in Social Work.

So, wish me luck. And don't leave me i'll be around & i'm reading your blog inbetween assignments. :)

♥ Love.Erica

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