Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today is a day I always remember and will never forget.

13 years ago today my dad passed.

I struggle the most on Oct. 28 writing the date & being that I work at an orthodontist office and write in medical charts all day I wrote the date today, eh, about 20+ times.

The one thing I am proud of today is that I made it through the entire work day with melting down.

During my lunch break today I sat and thought about my dad. I read my little sister's Facebook status & felt tears well up. I read my step moms Facebook status & had my one good cry. My hubby called in the middle of my cry, to see how I was doing today, he helped me make it through today.

After work tonight Rick took me out to dinner to Olive Garden keep my spirits up.

After dinner I came home to my awaiting homework, ugh, and it took me two hours to write three paragraphs of Blah, can I get a redo tomorrow?

Some how I just know my dad would love Rick.
I wish he could be here and see my first place.
Had been at my wedding.
Had seen me graduate high school.
Be here for my younger brother and sister.
Be here for my step mom.

Just be here.
Although he is not here in flesh, he is, and will always be in memory.

In memory of George E. R. II
I'll always be "daddy's little girl"

<3Love. Erica

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The Southbay Newlyweds said...

oh im so sorry to hear this..I hope you can find peace soon.