Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jane Green LOVE

This past weekend I would had loved to have had my current read in tow...

...during My hour car ride to and from Ann Arbor.

... &especially During my two hour wait at Belle Toe.

But this late afternoon while my lovely husband drooled over the Lions as they- to Rick's dismay, I plowed my way through my remaining 50 pages of the "The Beach House" written by my favorite author Jane Green.

To my favor where I had left off last had me begging for more so the last few pages I had left had me hooked to the end, I barely came up for a breath. Between crazy Nan and her shabby beach house, her insecure son Michael who is horrendous with relationships, Bee her newly "out of the closet" husband Daniel and their lovely daughters & then there's recently divorced Daff and her troubled daughter Jess.

Jane Green has won me over again with this clever read of lies, sex, drama & love. I loved this read!

&&& this evening I walked over to my local Kroger and found Jane Green's newest release "Promises to Keep" on the shelf just shouting my name along with a box of Special K cereal & I just had to have it. So tonight I will lose myself in my newest read.

<3 Love.Erica
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