Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farmer Rick

On Friday my husbands school is having a Fall fest for the kiddies - kind of like a party for all their hard work these last few weeks during their MEAP testing. And aparently the teachers are going to dress like farmers. :)

Today, I had the day off and I went Target-ing to find my husband a new long sleved plaid shirt, not a hard thing to find considering plaid is ev-er-ywhere.

After Rick got home from work, we ate dinner Lazanna & garlic bread (yummy), then cut up some of our freashly picked orchard apples and mixed yummy toppings, baked & wha-la... apple crisps! (more yummy).

I will leave you a picture that makes me (smile), Rick trying on his new shirt, from Target, along with his late grandfathers square dance belt. {Oh & how can I forget the wheat in his mouth, lol}


♥ Lalalove.Erica

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