Friday, October 15, 2010


Last weekend the hubs and I finally made it to the eye doctors for a much needed eye exam. We both left BLIND. I wish we would've taken a pic in our dorky disposable glasses given to us to protect our eyeballs from the georgous sunshine that morning - but I didn't. Needless to say I left on Saturday with worse eyes since my last exam & lucky dog hubs of mine eyes stayed the same. I left with a brand new pair of contacts (finally - contacts again).

And because we couldn't see clearly last Saturday, me especially because my pupils were the entire eye! & Rick only one eye was really dialated. We waited until this afternoon to go a choose a pair of glasses for each other. Rick decided he didn't want a new pair of sexy specs... but I was in desperate NEED of a new pair. & again I didn't take any pics in any of the glasses I tried on today or the ones that Rick choose for me... but I have searched for a pic online... and here they are. :)

And yupperz, their Coach! :) &because I now have amaZing insurance I only paid $6 for these babies.

They'll arrive in about a week, so i'll post pics in my new sexy specs then.

Tonight, the hubs and I are heading to Detroit's Mexican Village (maybe i'll even sneak a pic of my fav Detroit landmark - Train Depot) to have dinner with my grandpa & his fiance' Peggy and after dinner we're going to show off of very clean condo (because neither of them have been over since we've moved) & it's super clean cause I had yesterday and today off work & all I did was clean!!!! *more about that later.

Enjoy your Friday evening! :)

♥ LoveloveLove.Erica

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