Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Quotes

This past weekend Rick and I had my little brother Ryan spend the night. He came out Friday evening & we took him back home Sunday morning.

Here's a few cute things the adorable four year old said this weekend...

[Rick passed gas in the car, he rolled the windows down & Ryan said he was cold & I told him you can be cold your smell stinky Ricky & he told Rick...] "Oh man Rick! Get the heck outta here."

"Are we there yet..." on our car ride to church, back to his house... I told Ryan remember my house is far from yours, we have 45 minutes still - that's almost 2 Zack & Cody's, Ryan told me something along the lines of he knew because he's been to my house before "Duh".

& for some reason this weekend Ryan would walk up to me, or Rick or any of Rick's family and say, "Well hello pretty lady". We cracked up and said who taught you that and he told me "I thought it would be funny, I am a funny guy & I like to laugh". Well, okay.

& my favorite quote of the evening while watching the MTV music awards with the hubby.
Rick: "She is so full of herself - it's annoying." As Lady GaGa comes out to accept her award in a giant ugly dress with people holding her dress because it's so heavy & she didn't think to wear something less heavy to accept all her awards.

I will admit she has good songs - but i'm not really a fan of her.

Happy birthday to my brother in-law Kevin! The big 2-0!

Hope you all are enjoying the last few hours of your weekend! I know I am because I am NOT ready for MONday. Ugh.

♥ Love.Erica

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