Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Contractor Construction

Over the weekend we finally got the rest of the contractor - construction projects completed around the house that were out of our hands.

My step dad came along with my uncle and...
- hung our back screen door
- hung our closet door in our bedroom
- our dishwasher is finally mounted so when I open it to load or unload the dishes it won't fall on me!
- placed the window ceil granite in the kitchen window
- blew {green} insullation in our attic - so now we won't freeze!
- & hung the hand railings to the basement stairs & upstairs
(& now hopefully Rick won't fall down the basement stairs again - & to insure that we bought special paint to paint the basement stairs because my step dad almost fell down the basement stairs himself while he was here working.)

I'm so happy because our house is beginning to feel ever more like a home with everything finally coming together. Gosh, it should be because we've lived here for almost 3 months.

This week I have Wednesday & Friday off work again, so I plan to finish some renovations around the house...
- touch up paint on hand rails
- sand and paint under window ceils
- paint trim around back door
- paint under breakfast bar
- paint footboard and molding going upstairs
- paint basement stairs with "no slip" paint

Ugh, I really am not looking forward to painting.

I'll post some pics of my contrator - construction projects that went on this past weekend.
& of course of my Wednesday & Friday off painting projects this week.

&&& hopefully {soon} i'll be able to share my entire condo makeover with you all. :) :) :)

♥ Love.Erica


Sara Louise said...

I just moved into a new home three months ago too! The work is never ending! But it sounds like you had a very productive weekend :-)

Hilary Lane said...

I definitely sympathize with your painting woes - painting is awful!! I had to laugh though, when you said it's been 3 months & all this stuff is STILL going on. We're at almost the 2 year mark and we're still not done!!! So you should be happy that you're so close to being finished at 3 months, haha. :-)

JennAventures said...

I've lived in Boston three years, I've only completed one construction project...and that was because the Boy of the Moment stepped in.