Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Successful Crafty Wednesday

Today, on my day off I accomplished alot of painting on my Crafty Wednesday "to-do-list.

So without further-a-do...

1) BLACK project

This pic was taken over the weekend when I had Rick tape off my mirror for me. :) Thanks Ricky!


This is not a giant picture frame it is orginally a GOLD mirror that I picked up at a garage sale last year... Rick painted it Silver & now I painted it black. I will post pics of my bedroom once it's hung in it's new home. :)

2) Sunflower Yellow Project



Say "hi" to Max's tail.

I think the door was still wet in these pics because it is not that bright of a yellow.
When Rick arrived home from Open House this evening the first thing he said to me is that he loved the door and it's looks sweet from the road. Success!!!
Oh, and in the before and after pics can you tell I cleaned the screen door? It was nasty-dirty.
I will post a better pic tomorrow with my new MUMS that I picked up this evening at Kroger.

3) Tiffany Blue - I never made it to this project, I suppose it will have to wait 'til next Wednesday

4) Kitchen trim - I never made it to this little project either... next Wednesdat it is.

5) JOANNS - I did make it to JoAnns this evening and came away with way more than I intended... more on that later. BUT I did get what I had set out to buy at JOANNS in the first place; paint, stencils & this frame...

This lovely black oval frame orginally $19.99 on sale for just under $12.
AND there it is my final CRAFY WEDNESDAY - Do-It-Yourself Project - silhouettes of Rick & I that I made a few weeks back but didn't have the desired frame to show off my DIY silhouettes.

Hope it was worth your wait!
I'm off to bed, sweet dreams.

♥ Love.Erica


Tina♥ said...

I love the mirror black. I cant wait to see it in your room. The door is SOOOOO cute yellow. Your so cute. I cant wait to see more of your projects.

Bethie said...

what a fun idea... i LOVE the sillouhettes!!!!! i'll be asking you more about that later.... and the door, now i want to drive by! can't wait to see it with the mums.