Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Secret


    I have a SECRET to tell you & my blog.

Your PINK line is adorable I must confess. I loved your 5 for $25 panties, (it was a "STEAL" for comfort and style) however, THIS time i'm SUPER disappointed. Less than a year ago I got an amazing pair of Lace-inset Hipster's & they were perfect, a little lace & cotton for comfort, perfect. BUT this time NOT so much, I wore each pair ONCE, uno, one time & washed & the lace is ripped on each pair - really? That's $25 down the drain. And customer service... oh geeez, customer service wants me to take my worn panties to the store... their clean and all but really? REALLY!?

I want my $25 back or at least a new style.
Any suggestions followers?

♥ Love.Erica

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Tina♥ said...

Ok number one, vs pink skibbies is all i wear!!! I can never find hipsters anywhere else that are cut quite like them. Though i will tell you, my all cotton ones have held up but any pairs i worn with lace, not so much!! I set out to find new ones and targets junionrs line seems to be a good alternative and a bit cheaper.
Ps i think we really need that essie nail color. It was funny cause when i read what you wrote i thought wow this color kinda reminds me of you. xoxo