Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. Meyer is ready...

... for SCHOOL to begin!

This past Wednesday, during my lunch break I called Rick Mr. Meyer & asked if we could have lunch together, lately he has been spending alot of time at school getting his classroom ready & lesson finished before the start of school. He said he wanted to Taco Bell -- so Taco Bell it was. We'll take a #6 with Cherry Coke & #4 with Ice Tea.

[Ewww to my nappy work hair, lack of makeup & bright blue scrubs... on a side note I am so proud of my hubby-teacher Mr. Meyer!]

After indulging in our Taco Bell I decided to take some new pics of his finished classroom - I told him it was for THE blog. If you missed the BEFORE pics view The Hubs Classroom

Here are the AFTER pics {enjoy}
[This is the front and left side of Mr. Meyer's classroom. This is the "Social Studies" wall & the black bookshelf has a ton of social study books that one day appeared in his room - all brand new books, gotta love that.]
[This is the front and right side of the classroom.. {remember the student desks face each other} Above the white board are posted of types of writing. & the bulletin board has been split in 1/2. The green side will be for "Current Events"]

[This is the left side of the room standing in the front, the posters are for Language Arts & the posters on the right are Reach Academy "CHAMPS"/ classroom management posters.]

 [There's Mr. Meyer! :) I'm standing in the front of the room, on the left is Mr. Meyer's desk (which was covered in papers and books and I teased Mr. Meyer that, "I thought your desk was always going to be clean" (wink)) Under the US Soccer poster is going to be where Mr. Meyer lists the soccer games for the Reach Middle School (soccer) boys he will be coaching this fall. and the black bookcase holds markers, colored pencils, pencils, glue sticks, rulers, dictionaries, games, etc.]
 [This is Mr. Meyer's hallway bulletin board that has to be changed every month! Geee Whizzz. And those letters there... well, I did that with the Cricket!]

After spending about 45minutes with Mr. Meyer for lunch in his classroom I took off back to work and got s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y EVERY light red... but still made it back just-in-time for my first patient following lunch. The rest of the work day is history.

& when I got out of work I was extreemly productive - beginning with making a quick grocery list:
milk    tp   tooth pas   sham   deo for R & E   chips   brd   dish soap   p towel
(that's my short hand grocery list)

After running to Kroger I popped some Mac & Cheese in the microwave & called it dinner.
I did laundry, put away laundry
Cleaned the bathroom, litter box & did dishes
& did Turbo (my legs are feeling it tonight)

Sometime during my busy evening I got a text from Rick (who was at school for an open house for his students last name A-J until 8pm)
& my favorite part of the text "...thank you for all your help getting my classroom ready, muah"

PRO-DUCT-IVE evening!

TONIGHT we are heading over to the in-laws for Homemade pizza & salad where Mr. Meyer will work with twin brother teacher Mr. Meyer & his wife teacher Mrs. Meyer on lesson plans and classroom management.

I suppose i'll read my book "The Beach House" {I haven't picked it up all weekend}.

♥ Love.Erica


Inspired by you said...

Good luck to your husband on his first year of teaching! I use to teach as well. Thanks for checking out my apron and becoming my newest follower!

Abby said...

Thank you for your sweet shout out below! I truly appreciate it :)

And congrats to your hubs! His room looks great :)