Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last day of Summer

Today is September 21, 2010, the last day of summer & what a great last day of summer it ended to be. Although I worked all day today, the weather was lovely and I was able to sneak out for lunch and enjoy a few moments of sunny 80 degrees.

And this evening Rick and I took a trip to Lowes to grab a few items for my Wednesday day-off-work projects I have planned tomorrow. :) More on that tomorrow. After our trip to Lowes we went for an evening stroll and only found it fitting being the last evening of summer and a nice evening at that to get 7-Eleven Slurpees. YUM.

Hope you all enjoyed your last day of summer... share your last day of summer with me in my comments, i'd love to hear what you did on this fab evening!

... and last but not least birthday wishes to my sister in-law LeighAnn on her 24th!

Off to watch the Premiere of "Detroit 187" on ABC and if you knew me and my husband you would know that we both LOVE Detroit - i'm totally obsessed.
You can see a trailer for the TV show HERE.

♥ Love.Erica

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Hilary Lane said...

I'm glad your last day of summer turned out to be so beautiful! The temps here won't drop into the 70s for another month or so, so I didn't even realize today was the first day of fall until my husband pointed it out! Can't wait to see what your project for your day off is going to be!