Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dreaming Nightmares

Have you ever had a dream where you woke up and said...

Well I had one of those the other night... those dreams/ nightmares. I woke up (Rick wakes up before me and gets ready for his day while I snooze on somedays for an extra 20 minutes, but on this day was my late evening at work so I don't go into the office until 9am, so I got to go back to sleep for 1 1/2 hours. Anyways, back to my dream/ nightmare... I had woken up while he was getting ready and immediatly told him my dream - we had four girls, QUADRUPLETS in my dream I didn't actually birth them thank God, but I had had them and they were ours and the whole dream was Rick and I trying to name our four daughters and all of the names we've ever said we liked we couldn't remember and every name we suggested to each other we didn't agree on. And all I kept thinking is how are we going to sleep with four babies. And then we agreed on a name... wait for it... SKYLA. What?
And that is when I woke up, told Rick our daughters name is Skyla and just like me... in real life neither of us like that name, thank goodness. And I began telling Rick about our four daughters and all he could say is that he doesn't want FOUR GIRLS. Haha. And I tried to tell him my entire dream but I was still half asleep and he had to head to work. All I kept thinking all day at work is... gosh, we better not have four girls, or quadruplets and thankfully Rick agreed!

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