Monday, August 30, 2010

i ♥ my bloggie

Yup, it's true...

i ♥ my bloggie

For our one year anniversary my hubby Rick got me an amazing gift...

a SONY Bloggie
I look a little crazy in this pic - but I cannot help it because just before he gave me my new addiction bloggie my digital was dying.

& just after this pic my digital died {i left the charger at home} but now I was okay with my forgetfulness to charge my digital because I had a backup!

I LOVE my new bloggie because it takes pictures (5mega pixel) but with 5x zoom, downfall... no flash - BUT it has HD video & again ZOOM & the litle screen flips to the front so I can take pics of myself obsessing over my new obession toy!


:) :) :)

When Rick gave it to me he said, now you can have video blogs - I never really thought of that but what a genious idea! So I may have a video post {soon}. :)

♥Love. Erica

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