Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hubs Classroom

This week Rick and I have been shopping for teacher supplies, fabric for bulletin boards, posters & other miscellanous items for his Very First Classroom.

Welcome to the start of Mr. Meyer's 6th & 7th grade English & Social Studies Classroom.

[View from the back of the classroom - (the green board is going to be split in 1/2 like the Detroit Tiger's board on the left) We also rearranged the desks]
[This will be the Social Studies/ English inspiration wall]

[Rick - sitting at his desk that he says & I quote, "My desk will always be this clean". He will soon have more "sports stuff" on & around his desk. :) ]

[View from Rick's desk:  two black book shelfs - that will hold games for kids to play when they finish their work & books they can borrow for pleasure reading... in front of Rick's desk will eventually be a round table & chairs for 1:1 help or for games.]
 [We took this picture after sweating from moving desks, arranging classroom books & putting up fabric on the boards.]

Hope you enjoyed a preview of Mr. Meyer's classroom. :) This weekend we bought inspirational posters, English posters & more supplies -- i'll post Mr. Meyer's Finished Classroom a few weeks!

Until then i'll leave you with a group shot...

[Rick, me, sister in-law LeighAnn, Rick's twin brother Scott & their new co-workers - New NHA Teacher Orientation, Gd Rapids, Mi - August 2, 2010 &&& Rick & Scott's birthday]

♥ Love. Erica


Newlywed and Decorating said...

The classroom is looking good! I am always so in awe of teachers - it's so much work but such a great job! Good work so far :)

Michele said...

Good luck to your husband! It looks like you are having fun getting his room ready for the new year. It looks great so far! Best of luck for an awesome school year!

Erica said...

Thank you ladies! Getting his classroom "ready" has been a ton of work but also a lot of fun & because it is his first classroom it is a lot more costly than I would had ever imagined. :) Again, i'll post "final" pictures closer to the start of the school year - so stay posted.