Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, Baby...

This baby, she gives me Baby FEvEr.

This is Taylor Renee - she is my best friends 5 1/2 month old beautiful baby.
I say Taylor "Renee" after her favorite auntie Erica Renee (THAT'S ME!) but mommies middle name is Renee too.

♥Love. Erica

Monday, August 30, 2010

i ♥ my bloggie

Yup, it's true...

i ♥ my bloggie

For our one year anniversary my hubby Rick got me an amazing gift...

a SONY Bloggie
I look a little crazy in this pic - but I cannot help it because just before he gave me my new addiction bloggie my digital was dying.

& just after this pic my digital died {i left the charger at home} but now I was okay with my forgetfulness to charge my digital because I had a backup!

I LOVE my new bloggie because it takes pictures (5mega pixel) but with 5x zoom, downfall... no flash - BUT it has HD video & again ZOOM & the litle screen flips to the front so I can take pics of myself obsessing over my new obession toy!


:) :) :)

When Rick gave it to me he said, now you can have video blogs - I never really thought of that but what a genious idea! So I may have a video post {soon}. :)

♥Love. Erica

Saturday, August 28, 2010

i want. i love. i have.

i want.

the DROID 2 OR X
 [I haven't decided just yet]

I am due for an upgrade & my husband is finally jumping onto my cell plan so we will both be upgrading SOON! I cannot wait to get with the new tech times. ;)

i love.
I'm obsessed with HGtv, Rick & I have made it a tradition to watch it together at least once a week, we are together addicted to the Home Reno shows!

i have.

I bought these brown oxfords from Target on Sale for $15
Their super comfortable & will pair great with my skinny jeans this fall.

♥ Love. Erica

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Read

My favorite author of all time is Jane Green.
Her books are AMAZING!
My favorite read by far of hers is...
[I'm not big on reading but this book really drew me in and made me want to finish reading it A-SAP - it was also an extreemly motivating book to get your butt up off the couch and work out... towards the end of this book I was working out on my step moms eliptical as I finished the last few chapters!]

Lately I have found my nose in {another} Jane Green book.
So far, I have read to chapter 4 and i'm not so sure I have an opinion on this book just yet.

What books have you read, or are you reading that you would suggest?

♥ Love. Erica

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Italy {update}

So, remember when I said that I am determined to go to Italy...

... well I STILL AM - I just have to wait a little bit l-o-n-g-e-r.

Early this summer before the increase in price of Passports my hubby & I applied for ours, Monday he recieved his Passport in the mail & Tuesday I recieved... nope... not my Passport but a letter from the government telling me my birth certificate wasn't valid... HUH? So, because I wasn't born in the state that I now live in I had to contact the State of Indiana to request my birth certificate...therefore my Passport has a good month or two before I will be receiving it in the mail.

Aside from that little mishap i've spoken with Kari since she's been in the states & she had a great brillant idea to have me, my hubby, our best friend Amanda & husband go to Kari's (Italy) next summer when Josh will hopefully be home for another "Leave". Needless to say I cannot wait until next summer. :)

♥ Love. Erica

Sunday, August 22, 2010


{...some of my cherished memories from...}
...A year ago today...

I woke up for the last time, alone.

I walked down the aisle with my little brothers.

 I smiled when I saw my entire family.

I laughed.

I ate cake.

I wore cake. {he wore cake too.}

 I smiled. {& we kissed.}

I danced.
I ate Taco Bell on my wedding night. {& so did he.}

I married my bestfriend. 

Happy One Year
Anniversary Ricky! ♥
[this pic was take August23 - our first full day as hubby & wife. the balloons are a gift from Rick's parents & some friends (which also included more pranks throughout our apt.)]

♥ Love. Erica

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Cousin ♥

So, my cousin Kari & her husband Josh live in Italy because her husband is in the Army and they are stationed there... Kari has been visiting us in the states since July & this week her husband will be arriving in the states on "leave" from his tour of duty. I love spending time with my cousin when she is in town but I love it even more when her husband is in town too because she lights up like a fire cracker when she is able to be with him. The two of them got married in December 2005 and Kari has spent her entire marriage as a military wife as her husband Josh has been home for a little and deployed for alot.

So this post is for them {Kari & Josh} I love you both.

Welcome "Home" Josh - thank you for serving our country.
&&& from me & the blog world we pray for a little present during this leave. ;)

♥ Love. Erica

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been hinting to my husband that I want to work out more - and I want to do things that I like, so that I stay with it. When I lived back home, before our wedding, I went to aerobic classes close by and also at the rec center less than a mile from my house and I loved it! Last week my husband surprised me with a great "just because" gift...

A 'turbo jam' DVD - which is exactly what we did in the turbo kick classes that I used to go to with my two girlfriends (Amanda & LeighAnn). But NOW I am UBER excited because I am jammin' in my livingroom!
I highly recommed Turbo Jam to anyone, tonight I even got Rick to do a little with me. ;)

& recently I bought MVP Yoga pants from Victoria Secret for my work-out days/ lazy days!

♥ Love. Erica

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Hubs Classroom

This week Rick and I have been shopping for teacher supplies, fabric for bulletin boards, posters & other miscellanous items for his Very First Classroom.

Welcome to the start of Mr. Meyer's 6th & 7th grade English & Social Studies Classroom.

[View from the back of the classroom - (the green board is going to be split in 1/2 like the Detroit Tiger's board on the left) We also rearranged the desks]
[This will be the Social Studies/ English inspiration wall]

[Rick - sitting at his desk that he says & I quote, "My desk will always be this clean". He will soon have more "sports stuff" on & around his desk. :) ]

[View from Rick's desk:  two black book shelfs - that will hold games for kids to play when they finish their work & books they can borrow for pleasure reading... in front of Rick's desk will eventually be a round table & chairs for 1:1 help or for games.]
 [We took this picture after sweating from moving desks, arranging classroom books & putting up fabric on the boards.]

Hope you enjoyed a preview of Mr. Meyer's classroom. :) This weekend we bought inspirational posters, English posters & more supplies -- i'll post Mr. Meyer's Finished Classroom a few weeks!

Until then i'll leave you with a group shot...

[Rick, me, sister in-law LeighAnn, Rick's twin brother Scott & their new co-workers - New NHA Teacher Orientation, Gd Rapids, Mi - August 2, 2010 &&& Rick & Scott's birthday]

♥ Love. Erica

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heavenly Day

I've finally choosen a blog name...

{{{♥ Heavenly Day}}}

... which is inspired from a very special day in my life. My wedding day - August 22, 2009.
The song was sung during our ceremony & was oh-so-perfect for our special day... Heavenly Day currently plays as my cell phone ring tone & alarm clock - I wake up every morning VERY happy & reminded of that very special day& person in my life. {smile}

Here is link to YouTube or search YouTube Patty Griffin "Heavenly Day".

♥ Love. Erica

Friday, August 13, 2010

i want. i love. i have.

i want.

I have wanted TOMS for over a year -- I just hate ordering items online but for those of you that are wondering... their now sold at Nordstrom (or maybe Nordstrom has always had them & I just wasn't aware)

i love.
The City of Detroit

i have.
Ikea SKIMMER candle sticks
{what a steal... less than $10 each!}


♥ Love. Erica

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sorry again for the delay in posts... I promise eventually to become a regular at this blog thing... however if you miss me in the blog world you can always catch me on Facebook. :)   FIND ME ON FACEBOOK

In the meantime I will share my FB status with you:
"Erica Meyer Worked a 1/2 day in [Detroit], Took an amazing [Nap], Classroom [Shopping] & 99cent Coney's with [Ricky] ♥ [All Things I Love]"

[Me & Ricky - July 5th]

Coming Soon... Decor Before & After {photos of the renovations at our NEW Condo -- As well as decorating Ideas, Questions & Opinions.}

♥ Love. Erica