Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Admit It, okay.

Okay, Okay I admit it...  I admit that I am completely & utterly addicted to...
IKEA [&&& Detroit, MI]

Today :Rick: & I took a trip to Ikea & we are finally beginning to decorate our livingroom (slowly but shirley). [[[working on tackling goal from THIS POST]]]

& here's some of what we bought:::

 [from top to bottom: green apple candle *my fav* & red apple candle *rick fav*. black & white pillow covers for our couch. city photo for our empty wall. a flower pot to replace our broken pot. flat screen brackets to finally mount our tv to our fab tv stand pictured above.]
Items above from HERE.

After Ikea :Rick: & I went to Detroit to take photos for our "empty" wall. Then we met up with friends for so yummy pizza at Pizza Papalis in Detroit.

I will leave you this evening with two photos I adore

Detroit Train Station taken by :Rick: [fall{ish} 2009]
& The Detroit Ren Center taken by :me: [April 2008]
♥ Love. Erica

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