Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clutter Bug

So... Hello again.

Let me begin by saying the bright sun shinny days have really made me happy this week. However, coming home to my 650sq ft apartment full of clutter has inspired me to [think] about some spring cleaning & finally finish re-decorating our livingroom.

Before becoming a newlywed I knew I was somewhat of a clutter bug --- on the other hand I didn't realize how bad Rick [my dearest husband] is too. I mean heck before we married he lived with his parents sharing a *tiny* bedroom with his twin brother he had a lot of stuff - but oh my, oh oh, oh my he keeps A LOT of papers. :::newspapers, school work, mail, more school work, church bulletins, more school work, binders of school work, old-old-old text books, oh-& did I mention school work. Dude, most of your school work is typed up and saved on uhhmm hmm your com-pu-ter. THROW the clutter away!

Well, this weekend MY game plan is to tackle "our" [Rick's mostly] clutter and just throw-it-away ...or donate.

I will do my best to post Before & After pictures within the week. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

♥ Love. Erica

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