Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i want. i love. i have.

one of my fav blogs to follow is la la Lovely it really is just that LA LA lovely. :)
i am so inspired i would love to share on my blog as she does on hers: "i want. i love. i have." so you can come to know more about ME.

i want.
The new Vera Bradley "Sittin' in a Tree" Tote

i love.
My 16lbs. kitty Maxey & his pet fish.

i have.

♥Love. Erica

DIY Revamp

I have been inspired by the nest to {someday} do this:

It's wall paper on the backing of the bookshelf.
Get the "how to Revamp your bookshelf" HERE

♥Love. Erica

Thursday, March 18, 2010

There Is Hope.

I am sooo thankful that our [my husbands & mine] prayers have been answered!
&&& I really have to tell someone.
So, here it is.
Rick got a full time teaching position!
7th grade social studies.

[We were so worried with the economic state of Michigan & how so many teaching positions and jobs in general are being cut -- but we never lost hope and continued to pray since his graduation from Wayne State University in December 2009. We are very blessed that Rick's co-coach for soccer wife is a teacher at a new charter school in the area & lead him to a tuitoring position twice a week and luckily got his foot in the door for a position teaching in the fall. His interview was Wednesday and we heard back Thursday afternoon! They told him they didn't want him to find a job elsewhere because they really, really liked him! YEA.]

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

“Keep on asking & you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking & you will find. Keep on knocking, & the door will be opened to you."
Matthew 7:7

God is sooo good.

♥Love. Erica

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Apartment Therapy

Our apartment is in [[NEED]] of some therapy.


My therapy is rearranging furniture &&& with that said I have rearranged the living (well- the apartment too but for now we'll stick to the living room) so very many different ways and I finally got it where I want it. However, the wall decor wasn't working soooo... the walls are BARE. And I have some ideas but we need to get some of these unnecessary items out of our living space and into storage so we can LIVE [comfortably] in our living room.

Post #7 shows some photos of our living room current state.
Changes are in progess and I will have UPDATES [soon].

♥Love. Erica

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Livingroom BEFORE

This afternoon I have taken some quick shots of our livingroom BEFORE we begin to make some decor changes & add our Ikea finds from yesterday [see Ikea finds here] to our livingroom.

As promised [from "clutter bug" post] here is the BEFORE:
The couch is the first thing you see as you walk in our apartment door. The art framed above our couch we bought after our wedding as our "first" real art piece from a local photographer that takes photos in Detroit and handcolors them. The one on the left is the Detroit Train Station in 1930-1940 & the other is the Detroit skyline along the Detroit River in 1930-1940.
our tv is on the same wall as the front door. oh, i almost forgot we bought a photo ledge for above the tv -- i think we're going to showcase our family wedding photos & we need a clock. the two shelfs above the tv i'd like to put decorative printed boxes to store randomnesses that appear to have no home.
the brown stand was a steal that I found at a garage sale for only $3 it holds our dvd collection - one of these weekends we're going to paint it..either white, black or (Rick thinks) grey. p.s. i cannot wait to mount our tv so we can close the drawers below.

"the blank wall" we are working on :cleaning: my desktop off to give it to Rick's parents & we're putting my desk in storage since we never use it. once we get that done we'll have "the blank wall" which i'd love to eventually buy a printed chair to add some pizazz to our livingroom. & as for the wall we'll be putting the tall photo we bought at Ikea (shown in THIS post) as well as hooks, & finally some of our favorite photos we have taken in Detroit over the years.

I'd love to hear what YOU think - if you have {any} thoughts, ideas, comments SHARE with me. :)

♥ Love. Erica

I Admit It, okay.

Okay, Okay I admit it...  I admit that I am completely & utterly addicted to...
IKEA [&&& Detroit, MI]

Today :Rick: & I took a trip to Ikea & we are finally beginning to decorate our livingroom (slowly but shirley). [[[working on tackling goal from THIS POST]]]

& here's some of what we bought:::

 [from top to bottom: green apple candle *my fav* & red apple candle *rick fav*. black & white pillow covers for our couch. city photo for our empty wall. a flower pot to replace our broken pot. flat screen brackets to finally mount our tv to our fab tv stand pictured above.]
Items above from HERE.

After Ikea :Rick: & I went to Detroit to take photos for our "empty" wall. Then we met up with friends for so yummy pizza at Pizza Papalis in Detroit.

I will leave you this evening with two photos I adore

Detroit Train Station taken by :Rick: [fall{ish} 2009]
& The Detroit Ren Center taken by :me: [April 2008]
♥ Love. Erica

Friday, March 5, 2010

CHEERs It's Friday

Happy - happy -very happy Friday!

Today I spent the morning sleeping in.
 The afternoon laying on the couch with my sister :Sam: watching CSI.


Rick & I went to take photos of :Bre's: (Rick's sister my sister-in-law) CHEER team. :Bre: is a senior this year & competitive cheer has just come to a close with the Panther girls finishing 2nd in MAC Blue & 5th in Districts. They all did SO GREAT!
I am soooo proud of these CHEERleader girls!

This evening :Ricky: & I got Taco Bell.
Relaxing in pj's.
Going to watching our Redbox rental "I can do Bad all by Myself"
[Tyler Perry is pure genuis]
Enjoy your Friday evening...

♥ Love. Erica

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clutter Bug

So... Hello again.

Let me begin by saying the bright sun shinny days have really made me happy this week. However, coming home to my 650sq ft apartment full of clutter has inspired me to [think] about some spring cleaning & finally finish re-decorating our livingroom.

Before becoming a newlywed I knew I was somewhat of a clutter bug --- on the other hand I didn't realize how bad Rick [my dearest husband] is too. I mean heck before we married he lived with his parents sharing a *tiny* bedroom with his twin brother he had a lot of stuff - but oh my, oh oh, oh my he keeps A LOT of papers. :::newspapers, school work, mail, more school work, church bulletins, more school work, binders of school work, old-old-old text books, oh-& did I mention school work. Dude, most of your school work is typed up and saved on uhhmm hmm your com-pu-ter. THROW the clutter away!

Well, this weekend MY game plan is to tackle "our" [Rick's mostly] clutter and just throw-it-away ...or donate.

I will do my best to post Before & After pictures within the week. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

♥ Love. Erica

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Handbag obsession

I am completely obsessed with this bag. [from here]

It's seriously too bad i'm not rich -- psssh I can quit dreaming now. - - I suppose I could get crafty & create my own version someday.
♥ Love. Erica

Monday, March 1, 2010

Italy Bound

So my dearest friend/cousin Kari lives in Italy &&&
I AM DETERMINED to visit her {this} summer!

Just look at some of my photo opportunities [stolen from her facebook]
love older buildings.
love, love graffiti.
love, love, love.
My savings plan for this trip is working extra hours at work [new patient days] & CCC in Detroit. Oh, and also taking 10% of each paycheck if I don't work at CCC or new patient days ::that:: week... and ladies and gents for the month of February I have saved a whoppin' $140.
[next Italy update in April]
♥ Love. Erica