Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's begin with "Hello"

Hello blog world.
I'm Erica &
I'm back[finally]with my brand *new* blog.

I'm going to slowly pickup where I left off. [forgive me -please]
It's been a little less than 6months since my August wedding.
I can begin by saying my wedding was everything I could have hoped for - right down to the very little details of handmades, heartfelt vows, hard-thought music & details... it was all about the details.
And honestly photos tell the story best.

However posting them will take time so, I promise to post a mini slide show [soon] of my favorite photos captured on my [our] big day.
I will leave you this evening with some very special photos [to me] from the big day:
On our wedding day [August 22, 2009] Rick (my hubby) & I met at the Detroit River Walk (Detroit, Mi) at the bench where he proposed a year & four months prior. {our photographer}
♥ Love. Erica